National Slave Day

December 31st, every calendar year of humanity hence forward. (proposed)

A day to celebrate the past year and hope for a better new one.

A good day to leave the past behind and celebrate those who don’t get a holiday vacation or even a holiday.

Too many people in this country are being misused and trafficked into and out of dangerous places and situations, and around people and cultures they don’t know. Some may have even gotten murdered, badly injured, robbed and more.

How many people who are trafficking other people KNOW WHAT Labor Day is? Here is some information. WELCOME TO LABOR DAY 2023. A day of celebrating people WHO WORK for money.

Slaves are not celebrated are they? Should we have “National Slave Day” in the United States of America?

Did you forget what SLAVERY is? WIKIPEDIA on Slavery Basically is when one human being owns another as if they are a property or possession and controls that possession’s human rights.

What is “human trafficking”? This is a web site by the U.S. Government. Someone there seems to know and understand what it is.

Slavery and human trafficking are both forced labor/effort upon a human being or group of any age, race, religion, country, culture, size. There is no boundary of who has been included. It is VERY ILLEGAL in the United States. Some feel it is a desperate move to help their family or their own life, others…were not even given a discussion or a page of paperwork. Whoever you are, THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES.

Every person needs to be able to MAKE A DEAL for the work they do for others. No matter what the work is. There should be what is called “consideration”. This is a barter, trade, exchange. Normally people WORK for MONEY. Money is a currency that most countries use to buy needs and wants. If you simply barter or trade… it means YOUR WORK… has VALUE… and you negotiate the VALUE… of the trade. Your trade could be babysitting children for an afternoon in exchange for a bag of groceries, or a skateboard or a repair on your lawnmower or a free concert ticket. YOU GET SOMETHING FOR WHAT YOU DO FOR ANOTHER. Another trade is repairing a water leak in a house and the house owner buys your family a big dinner, or lends their motorcycle for the weekend. You know?

Are you making deals and trading your time and effort for money or something else?

National Slave Day
A day to remember and celebrate those who did a lot of things unpaid and was not volunteer work.

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